My redwork quilting

I like red color so much. I have red shirt, red scarf, red pants, red necklace, and red bags, even red sheets and quilt on my bed. My favorite photo is that I was in a red shirt with long hair, sitting on a rock in a famous park in China. Red things can always cheer me up. For me, red means happy, lucky.

It's my first time to make a quilt. So I want to make a smaller one for my future's baby, definitely in red color. I think lovely bear is a good topic for a baby. After everything got ready, I cut the white fabric into 8" * 8" square first, and then embroidered the bears by hand. It was not a hard job but a time-consuming one. When the hardest job was finished, other things were so easy to do. The left works are cuting fabrics, sewing them together, placing batting, and binding.


Taking pictures made me sweat a lot. I wanted to place the quilt flat on the ground and take the picture from the top, but the result was not good. Then I hung it on the yard and tried again. Still not very satisfied. But the quilt is not too bad. I liked my first experience of quilting. 


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