A new wool purse I made yesterday

I spent a lot of time in making this purse. When I finished it, it's so different from what I pictured. It's much cuter. I used almost double amount of wool than usual. The hardest job is making the little red hearts on it. I am always using the needle to make the little ball. That's another hard job. I just knew it could be made by a plastic tool in the water. I've never tried that way. Maybe, next time.




A purse from my customer --- Bluecalla

The beautiful purse bellow was from Bluecalla. It looks so well-made. I also love the fabric she used. Moreover, she added her own design inside the purse, a zippered interior pocket. It can organize the small stuff better than the original design. Besides, I found many pretty totes and dresses in her shop with beautiful colors and excellent workmanship.

This is my favorite tote in her shop. This is her own design. Light blue goes perfectly with dark blue. The zigzag stitching is a wonderful decoration. 


A pretty tote from my customer

This pretty tote was sewn by one of my customers. She made this for her mom. I love the fabric she chose, dark green with beautiful flower pattern. Making the straps of the bag needs a lot of work and patience, but she made it beautifully. I love sewing for family also. There are much love melted into the works, especially sewing for mom, dad, husband and kids     : o)

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