Beautiful wallet from Cookyousomenoodles

The beautiful wallet was made by Cookyousomenoodles. I love the straight stitching, the colors, and the cute key ring on the side of the wallet. The magnetic snap is much prettier than the Velcro. The whole wallet is perfect.


New pattern is coming.

The bag is with adjustable strap. There is a zippered pocket on its flap and another zippered pocket inside the bag. The bag has lots of space to hold books, water bottles, clothes....Besides, small things can be put in the pockets. I made 2 of this bag. One is green and another is brown. Their flaps can made with one fat quarter. The brown bag's body was made with Debbie Mumm fabrics.


A bag from Sara

I like recycling my old jeans, sweater, scarf.... I'd like to take off the buttons, zippers, appliques from them for new sewing projects, and then cut them to sew new things. I got some pictures from Sara yesterday afternoon. She told me the bag was made of an old laundry bag that had been used since she was a baby. She still keep that until now.  I think the bag has not only pretty colors and nice craftsmanship, but also a lot of sweet memories in childhood. Sara, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful bag with me. I love it. 



Beautiful clutch and wallet from Federica

This afternoon I got a very kind invitation to a beautiful blog from Federica. I was so surprised when I saw some beautiful pictures of bags and wallet made by her. I just love, love, love them.  

I love the zipper she installed on the clutch and the binding she made on the wallet. They are the most important and difficult parts for the two patterns. But she made them perfectly. Federica, thank you so much again for letting me see your beautiful creations. I think they were made so well.

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