Some vintage tags

I made some vintage tags recently. I've loved and collected vintage things for many many years. I ever made a scrapbook pages to record what I collected a couple of years ago. I am always thinking how nice if my grandpa is still alive. I'll give him my favorite ink well which is more than 100 years old from Europe. My grandpa likes practicing handwriting at his spare time. The notebooks that he used for practicing handwriting is more than 2 feet high. He ever wrote the most beautiful cursive English I've ever seen. Moreover, he also liked writing with Chinese brush with round head, not flat head I saw in stores. He used a special type of paper to practice that. He bound the papers into thick and big books. He practiced more than ten books. I ever saw them in a big drawer when I was little. These vintage tags always make me think of my grandpa.



How cute the kitty is!!!

I think he's European breed. My husband said he looked like one of his classmates in college. How funny!!


Beautiful clutches and bags from Tracey

Here are some beautiful works from Tracey (Enter her shop). The fabrics she used are so pretty and sweet. I love the colors that can cheer me up. They look like sweet and cool watermelons, apples....They were really well made. The seams on them are so straight and neat. I think she did an excellent job. Tracey, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful works with me. I love them so much. They are not only bags, but also art.


my tiny baskets

I planned to make some baskets long time ago, but it was hard to find the material to make a big one. In stores, some were made of bamboo, and some were made of special kind of grass. I love them so much. Recently I tried to make two tiny baskets with thin hemp cord and wanted to see how difficult or easy to make baskets. The hemp cord was from jewelry supplies.

The method and steps of making a basket are easy to understand, but it's a little hard to do because the hemp cord is thin and firm. It was not easy to handle. For the smaller baskets with two ears, I got two small bottles and place the hemp cord around it to get the round shape. That was so hard to keep the cord in place. I wish I had four hands. Besides, the cord was firm and I had to spray water on it from time to time to make it flexible. Making the rim of the baskets had a lot of fun because that was easier to do. I also tried basket with rectangle bottom, but I failed several times and gave up. That was too hard to make. I'll try it again some day after I figured out the correct steps. That's different from making a round-bottom basket.

Tools and supplies: thin hemp cord, spray bottle, sharp-tip tweezers, small wet towel, bottles for mold, two more hands maybe....


Cute clutch from Lisa(littlefluffyjumper)

The clutch is from Lisa. She made two of them for her two young boys. The clutch is so well sewn and the fabric is so cute. I was very glad when I knew the boys love the clutches mom made for them. Lisa, thank you so much for sharing it with me. I love it too.


A cute guy from Japan

Original blog: http://kagonekoshiro.blog86.fc2.com/


New pattern is coming

This is the biggest bag I've ever made. I can put lots of stuff in it. It's more practical. The bag has zipper closure. Inside there are one zippered pocket and two patchwork pockets. Outside the bag, two exterior pockets in the front. The bag can be carries by hand, or by shoulder. The shoulder strap can be taken off or not if carry it by hand. The bags' handles can be folded back while using the shoulder strap. This bag is made of exterior fabric, interior fabric, the decoration fabric (bags' handle, binding on the pockets..), and D rings. The pattern will be listed in several days.

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