My hand-stitched crafts

I like sewing by hand. Listening the music, watching my kittens rolling over on the floor, covering the legs with a pretty sofa throw in a cold winter, lying in the cozy recliner, I sew a little bear or a small purse. I feel everything is so peaceful. I imagine deer pass by my window, leaving their footprints on the snow........

Sweet home apron. Totally hand sewn. The appliques, embroiders, bindings......all were made by hands. It's a very big project. I spent two weeks finishing it. This is a gift for my friend, Beverly. Embroidering letters was the most tired and time-consuming job.

The twins were made of felt and not so hard to sew. They are pins. I like pinning them on scarf or pants. 

A tiny purse with a green leaf is perfect for coins and gadgets. I spent a whole afternoon to finish only one. It looks simple but a little difficult. I lined them with batting and canvas.



Cute apples. My kitty and I both love them. My husband loves them so much. He doesn't want them to be cats toys. So I put them in my showcase. Very easy project, the important thing is that the fabrics have to match each other very well.


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