Bags from WhiteCrossDesigns

Here are some purse, wallet and bag from WhiteCrossDesigns.  

A coin purse with a cute kitty. This coin purse is made of a new pattern in my shop. I think she did really great job. Really nice craftsmanship.

WAXED CANVAS City Bucket Bag Purse Tote. One of my favorite bag in her shop. It's so practical and beautifully made. I love the professional stitching and fabric selecting.

 Waxed Canvas Checkbook Cover with Pen Loop. Red is my favorite color. I love it at my first sight. The loop for the pen is a neat creation on the cover. I hate to search my pen in each pocket of my bag  when checking out at the register. 


Accordion wallet from LittleQuack

Here is an accordion wallet from LittleQuack's craft. Thank you so much for showing me such beautiful wallet you made. I love it so much. You did really good job. Things in the wallet look organized very well. Thank you so much again. I am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

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