My polymer clay

About two years ago, I run into some amazing artworks made of polymer clay on Internet. Some of them were very cute; Some of them were pretty. I like the bright colors of the clay, moreover I found some artists made very fine artworks. I loved them so much. So I decided to have a try. I am always thinking yard sale is a perfect place to find awesome deals, especially for craft supplies. On a sunny weekend, I bought two boxes of polymer clays at a lady's yard sale, just $2. I remember she was very nice and generous.

This is light pink color clay, just like the skin's color. Besides, I bought some colorful clays at Hobby Lobby. I didn't buy any tools because I didn't know what tools I needed. I wanted to make a doll with my husband's face.

During making the doll, my favorite tools were thin knitting needle, a sharp knife and a needle. The hardest part was how to make a realistic face, and the face looked like his face. I found two pictures of my husband taken in different directions.......

 After a week, I made it, not too bad. It was just a little higher than the can. When I made the head, I started with a piece of aluminum foil kneaded into a head shape. Then I covered a thin layer of clay on the foil. This could save on amount of the clay, and prevent cracking during baking. 

The second hardest part to make is the little hands.

I failed many times until I made satisfactory hands. The fingers were separated with a knife. Then they had to be smoothed by a thin knitting needle. The wrinkles on palms were made with needle tip.

Other parts were easier to make, such as hair and shoes......

The body inside the clothes was not made of clay. I used the wire to make a shape of the body, and then covered a layer of cotton to imitate muscles. Last, put on the clothes for the doll.

I knew some sewing skills, so it was easy for me to measure the doll and make a jacket and pants for him. 


Susan said...
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Susan said...

That's astonishing! Have you sculpted before? You are VERY talented. Bravo!

napkitten said...

Thank you, Susan. It was my first time to sculpt. I was just curious about it and decided to try. I spent a week finishing the little man. The clay I used was very old and dry. Now I have better clay, but I lost enthusiasm to make a new one.

Susan said...

Well, the little man is just marvelous. Of course I don't know how much he looks like your lucky husband, but the character and personality in his face are a wonder.

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