Spring is coming!!

Spring is coming. The trees around my house start to blossom quietly. It's so hard to describe the beauty of them. I am so delighted to hear the twitter of the birds every morning. They remind me spring is coming.


Black and white -- Bags from RedHotPolkaDot

I never thought a bag only in black and white colors was beautiful before I got the pictures of the bags from RedHotPolkaDot (Enter her shop). When I saw them, I changed my mind totally. I think they are gorgeous and unique.


The little purse and a card

The little purse is my recent design. It's a little harder to make than other wool purses. I had to match many colors of wool well to make the bunny look cute and pretty. I selected colors from a big pile of my wool. Then poke the wools onto the purse with a needle. I spent almost 4 hours to finish poking the bunny and her dress. I got the idea from the "Hello Kitty" cartoon.

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