My paper quilling

I knew what paper quilling was about 3 years ago. On a sunny weekend. I found a box of colorful paper strips in an old lady's garage sale. I was so curious about them and asked her. She was so nice to tell me what paper quilling was and gave me the whole box paper strips just for 2 dollars. Since then, I started to work with those beautiful strips everyday.

I went to the libraries, book stores and websites to learn everything about paper quilling. I fell in love with it very quickly. I learned basic skills, researched a lot of artworks of paper quilling. I imitated them and created my own works. Sharing them with my friends is my happiest thing. So I made payper quilling cards for my friends. I made thank-you cards, happy-new-year cards, happy-Christmas cards, farewell cards............

I made this card for my Japanese friend, Megumi. She and her husband were going to New York.

I made this card for Barbara. She sent me some gifts, and I sent her this thank-you card.
(The little pink flowers was made by my scrapbook punch, and I love them so much..... After several days, I received the email from her. She said the card was so pretty.)

I made this card for my best friend: Beverly. She was my teacher. After she got the card, she put it on her fireplace during Christmas.

I made this card for my friend: Heather. She is an art teacher. We had a lot to talk when we get together. I sent this card to her when my husband an I visited her house on Christmas Eve. 
I made this card for my family's friends, Connie. She gave us a lot of help and we appreciate her helps from the bottom of the hearts.

My husband loves colorful wild butterflies. He always says he is so proud of me and gives me great support whatever my hobby is. I made this for him. 


Inna (Crafts, Kids, Quilling) said...

Awesome cards! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Every one w/ a creative mind & free spiritutal would definetly like to make a friend w/ you, girl, you are doing a good job. To seeing those art work is a treat. V

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