Beautiful bag from StellarStitches

This beautiful bag was made by StellarStitches (enter her shop) from pattern of the swift summer bag in my shop. I love the excellent workmanship and the pretty fabrics. Sarah, Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with me. I enjoy them very much.


Cute wallet for Halloween

I love this wallet so much, made by Bodaszilvia (shop, blog) from the patter of the felt wallet in my shop. The colors, the changes she made on it are perfect. Neat overlock stitches on it are beautiful decorations. More space and a zipper inside the accordion pocket are very practical improvements than the original design. It's so cute.


Accordion wallet from Isa

Here are some beautiful pictures of the accordion wallet from Isa's Flickr (Enter). I love it so much. Isa, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wallet.


Gorgeous clutch from StitchedBySally

I was so surprised when I got three pictures of pretty clutches from StitchedBySall.  I think they are really well made with such beautiful fabrics. I was told the clutches were made with African wax print fabrics her daughter brought home from Congo. I love them so much. Sally, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful clutches with me.


Some beautiful scrapbook pages from my friend, Marilene.

I made two scrapbooks before. One was for my new marriage life with my husband; another one was for our new adopted kitten, Tiger. I enjoyed arranging the stickers and photos, writing the stories behind the photos, then sharing the scrapbooks to my families and friends. Several years passed. When I flip the scrapbooks, lots of sweet memories will be back, travel in the rain, red leaves in the fall, ducks and goose in an apartment we ever lived, football games in my husband's college...Beautiful memories are my treasures.

Here are some of scrapbook pages made by my friend, Marilene. I picked some favorites from her blog . I love her creative ideas and beautiful color choices.

Cool blue colors make me think of summer.

She made some pages for my cat, Tiger. This is one of them. I love it so
much. And I appreciate her kindness. These will be my treasures also.

I love the vintage styles of these pages. I cannot figure out how the marks
were made on the background papers. I think they are so beautiful. 

Paper scraps torn by hand can make the silhouette of a lady.

3-D flowers come out of the paper. It seems I can smell their sweet scents. 
I cannot imagine there is a handmade scrapbook in which each page is
full of creative ideas, unique designs, sweet memories, and touching stories. 
Scrapbook is really a gorgeous decoration in life.


Beautiful wallet from Cookyousomenoodles

The beautiful wallet was made by Cookyousomenoodles. I love the straight stitching, the colors, and the cute key ring on the side of the wallet. The magnetic snap is much prettier than the Velcro. The whole wallet is perfect.


New pattern is coming.

The bag is with adjustable strap. There is a zippered pocket on its flap and another zippered pocket inside the bag. The bag has lots of space to hold books, water bottles, clothes....Besides, small things can be put in the pockets. I made 2 of this bag. One is green and another is brown. Their flaps can made with one fat quarter. The brown bag's body was made with Debbie Mumm fabrics.


A bag from Sara

I like recycling my old jeans, sweater, scarf.... I'd like to take off the buttons, zippers, appliques from them for new sewing projects, and then cut them to sew new things. I got some pictures from Sara yesterday afternoon. She told me the bag was made of an old laundry bag that had been used since she was a baby. She still keep that until now.  I think the bag has not only pretty colors and nice craftsmanship, but also a lot of sweet memories in childhood. Sara, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful bag with me. I love it. 



Beautiful clutch and wallet from Federica

This afternoon I got a very kind invitation to a beautiful blog from Federica. I was so surprised when I saw some beautiful pictures of bags and wallet made by her. I just love, love, love them.  

I love the zipper she installed on the clutch and the binding she made on the wallet. They are the most important and difficult parts for the two patterns. But she made them perfectly. Federica, thank you so much again for letting me see your beautiful creations. I think they were made so well.


Sewing pattern of a new bag is coming!!!

I love Debbie Mumm® fabrics so much. I selected a piece of Debbie Mumm fabric for my new little bag. I am always thinking the polka dots fabrics are great decorations for bags. So I put them together. The bag is large enough for daily essentials. 


Some wool purses

I just finished making several wool purses for a customer order. I am always feeling the merino wool is much easier to get felted than other kinds of wool I used before. But felting is still time-consuming.



Three little birds

It's Easter today. I made three little birds for decorating the trees in the yard Friday. I picked most brightest colors felts, downloaded pictures of birds from Internet, and then drew drafts of these birds quickly, and cut them out. Just want to add more colors around the house...

Supplies: felts, beads, threads, fiberfill, suede
Tools: sewing machine, needle and thread


Spring is coming!!

Spring is coming. The trees around my house start to blossom quietly. It's so hard to describe the beauty of them. I am so delighted to hear the twitter of the birds every morning. They remind me spring is coming.


Black and white -- Bags from RedHotPolkaDot

I never thought a bag only in black and white colors was beautiful before I got the pictures of the bags from RedHotPolkaDot (Enter her shop). When I saw them, I changed my mind totally. I think they are gorgeous and unique.


The little purse and a card

The little purse is my recent design. It's a little harder to make than other wool purses. I had to match many colors of wool well to make the bunny look cute and pretty. I selected colors from a big pile of my wool. Then poke the wools onto the purse with a needle. I spent almost 4 hours to finish poking the bunny and her dress. I got the idea from the "Hello Kitty" cartoon.


Pretty bags from Carolyn

I was so surprised when I got pictures of some finished bags made by Carolyn (enter her shop) yesterday. I think they were so beautiful, gorgeous fabric and unique style. Beautiful ruffle is a wonderful decoration. I appreciate she share the beautiful bags with me. I love them so much. Best wishes to her beautiful shop. 

Pattern is from artsycraftybabe

Besides, there are three pouches. They match perfectly with the bag. They are great for organizing small things in the big bag. Every stitch shows her excellent craftsmanship. They show so different style from the sample pictures in my pattern. I think I love these more.


There are two other items I love in her shop, the clutch and messenger bag.



Wallets from my customer --- PrettyCoolClothes

The beautiful wallets was made by PrettyCoolClothes. Every stitch shows her excellent craftsmanship. It's so nice of her sending me the pictures of her finished wallet after finish sewing them. I love both of them so much.

Another favorite bag in her shop is the Buttercup Bag, made by Prettycoolclothes, designed by Rae Hoekstra. I love the style. Moreover I love the fabric she used. Fabric with white background and flower pattern is always my favorite. Besides, I think it's very suitable to be put in the daily essentials, such as keys, skin lotions, cellphone... Thank her so much for making such a beautiful bag!!!

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