Cell phone cases from WhiteCrossDesigns

Here are two cellphone cases from WhiteCrossDesigns. I think they are so cute. 

Other bag I love from her shop. I like the green fabric and the style. It's really well made. Click the pictures to check details in her shop.


gillian bc said...

I'm a big fan of Kipling bags and I own about 5 of them. They are light as most are made from ripstop nylon and they have so many useful features. Each pockets is designed to have enough volume to get your hand into it. I have looked at my bags and tried to work out how they've constructed them, but I can't work it all out. I'd love it if you made some patterns in the same style. http://www.kipling.com/uk-en/handbags/type/all-bags/

Emily Alyn said...

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