my tiny baskets

I planned to make some baskets long time ago, but it was hard to find the material to make a big one. In stores, some were made of bamboo, and some were made of special kind of grass. I love them so much. Recently I tried to make two tiny baskets with thin hemp cord and wanted to see how difficult or easy to make baskets. The hemp cord was from jewelry supplies.

The method and steps of making a basket are easy to understand, but it's a little hard to do because the hemp cord is thin and firm. It was not easy to handle. For the smaller baskets with two ears, I got two small bottles and place the hemp cord around it to get the round shape. That was so hard to keep the cord in place. I wish I had four hands. Besides, the cord was firm and I had to spray water on it from time to time to make it flexible. Making the rim of the baskets had a lot of fun because that was easier to do. I also tried basket with rectangle bottom, but I failed several times and gave up. That was too hard to make. I'll try it again some day after I figured out the correct steps. That's different from making a round-bottom basket.

Tools and supplies: thin hemp cord, spray bottle, sharp-tip tweezers, small wet towel, bottles for mold, two more hands maybe....


Kristin said...

These are so cute ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Dear friend!

This afternoon I was searching for your blog, and found this little and lovely basket!

Oh, my! Only you can made a special and delicate job!

Miss you! Hope you are strong in your health and your works, behind your dedicate husband and two great friends cats!

My best regards,


napkitten said...

Hi Marilene,

How are you. It's long time that we didn't contact with each other. Hope your everything is fine. And your kitty is fine too :o)

Thank you for the compliments. I wanted to make several, but only the first one was good. It was so hard to make a second good one. I use it for my small pocket watch.

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