Some vintage tags

I made some vintage tags recently. I've loved and collected vintage things for many many years. I ever made a scrapbook pages to record what I collected a couple of years ago. I am always thinking how nice if my grandpa is still alive. I'll give him my favorite ink well which is more than 100 years old from Europe. My grandpa likes practicing handwriting at his spare time. The notebooks that he used for practicing handwriting is more than 2 feet high. He ever wrote the most beautiful cursive English I've ever seen. Moreover, he also liked writing with Chinese brush with round head, not flat head I saw in stores. He used a special type of paper to practice that. He bound the papers into thick and big books. He practiced more than ten books. I ever saw them in a big drawer when I was little. These vintage tags always make me think of my grandpa.


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Mari said...

My dear friend Shangying!

Lovely vintage tags! How all you create, perfect!

I ever think about you, believe me,
with cherish.

I am working a lot making scrapbooks to an old and friendly client! At soon I will come back to atualize my blog..(oh! my God!)

Hope you and your nice family are great and in peace.



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