Some beautiful scrapbook pages from my friend, Marilene.

I made two scrapbooks before. One was for my new marriage life with my husband; another one was for our new adopted kitten, Tiger. I enjoyed arranging the stickers and photos, writing the stories behind the photos, then sharing the scrapbooks to my families and friends. Several years passed. When I flip the scrapbooks, lots of sweet memories will be back, travel in the rain, red leaves in the fall, ducks and goose in an apartment we ever lived, football games in my husband's college...Beautiful memories are my treasures.

Here are some of scrapbook pages made by my friend, Marilene. I picked some favorites from her blog . I love her creative ideas and beautiful color choices.

Cool blue colors make me think of summer.

She made some pages for my cat, Tiger. This is one of them. I love it so
much. And I appreciate her kindness. These will be my treasures also.

I love the vintage styles of these pages. I cannot figure out how the marks
were made on the background papers. I think they are so beautiful. 

Paper scraps torn by hand can make the silhouette of a lady.

3-D flowers come out of the paper. It seems I can smell their sweet scents. 
I cannot imagine there is a handmade scrapbook in which each page is
full of creative ideas, unique designs, sweet memories, and touching stories. 
Scrapbook is really a gorgeous decoration in life.


Mari said...

Dear Shangying,

Thank you very, very much for your lovely comments and your kindness posting in your blog my projects.

It is important remembering that good works in scrap are done with beautiful photos.

I divide the merits with the responsible that caught with quality these happy moments.

A big hug,


Esther said...

Marilene is a very dear friend and a great scrapbooker. I love her sensitivity and she demonstrates that on each work.
It´s always a pleasure to admire Marilene´s scrap work.
We´re very lucky to have her as our friend :)

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