Sewing pattern of a new bag is coming!!!

I love Debbie Mumm® fabrics so much. I selected a piece of Debbie Mumm fabric for my new little bag. I am always thinking the polka dots fabrics are great decorations for bags. So I put them together. The bag is large enough for daily essentials. 


Federica said...

this is beautiful, like everything you make! I love your crafts and your patterns (I bought a couple in the past but haven`t used them yet, naughty me!) and I just found out you also have a blog... so I`ll be around checking your creations ;)



napkitten said...

Thank you so much, Federica, I love your designs with zakka style also. Besides, the building pictures look great. So sorry I cannot read the words on your blog.

Mari said...


Hi, my friend! How I can see you continue making practical and lovely projects. I loved this purse very much! I really want one for me. I think is an ideal size for every day.

After you make the pattern, please,
tell me if you can make one, ok?



Anonymous said...

Hello! :) I still have to start on one of the patterns I bought from you! I'm waiting on some items I ordered to arrive. It's taking a while since I live in South Korea. This bag looks lovely ! :) You make the most beautiful stuff! I will let you know as soon as I finish a project !

napkitten said...

Thank you so much for your compliment, I cannot wait to see your finished project.

Federica said...

hello again Shangying!
I have finally found some time for me to make some things from your patterns, if you want to have a look they are here in my last blog post! I loved making the pouch and the wallet, your patterns are really great! I think I will soon buy this new pouch!!

hugs federica

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