My hand bound journal

Recently I found hand bound journals are very popular on Etsy. Some artists painted gorgeous covers and toned paper sheets by hand. Some artists use leather covers. I always find hand bound journals on the front page of Etsy. They look so beautiful. One day, I decide to try. I don't have leather, and I cannot paint. I just have fabrics. One layer of fabric is too thin to be a book cover, so I am going to line the cover with two layers of thick linen. I cut and fold 25 signatures for my little journal, because I think thick book is prettier than the thin one. The papers are the leftovers of my sketching book. The thread is thick cotton thread. This is the little journal I made, just 3" tall.



1 Comment:

Marilene said...

I am impressed by your talent and creativity.

I am imagining how soft it is to hold this little one journal done with so much whim.




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